This is where you will find the most commonly asked questions we receive.


Is this a company website?

No, my Web Hosting and Internet marketing website can be found at

If this isn't a company website, why do you have ads?

We do not sponsor any one manufacturer or gear provider. The ads we place on all our websites and media are helping to offset the price of cameras, equipment, gear, websites, blogs, and travel expenses.

Is this website about hiking and backpacking or about motorcycling?

We love all outdoor activities. So you may find a variety of things in our blogs, V-logs, websites, and our new YouTube Channel.

Is this website in affiliation with "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital"?

No, we are not in affiliation "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital" or "", we just strongly believe in St Jude and their cause. We do not receive, nor would we ever except, any type of credit or monetary gain from any proceeds donated through any type of media coming from this website linking to "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital" or "". All links, banners, and media connected to St. Jude is their licensed trademark.

Where can I find your YouTube Channel?

Our Youtube Channel can be found at

Who actually runs the website and YouTube Channel?

Mike and Dean are the Founders of However, there are several people who are currently involved in this project. You may be seeing more of everyone involved once we start the new 2019 season.

Why do you mention seasons?

We live at the bottom of the Adirondacks. Therefore we live and play mainly in Upstate NY. We haven't done a lot of outside activities during the winter. This may change next winter.